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Due to modern technology, it has never been easier to
learn American Sign Language - even in an online classroom. Today,
multimedia features found in e-learning environments incorporate many
methods to learn, including: webcams, live lectures with PowerPoint
visuals, video streaming, and interactive classroom signing.


Few people understand new foreign language concept on the first
attempt; thus, repetition will help students truly master another
language. Traditional class environments don’t necessarily offer
students the chance to repeat lessons on the spot without disrupting

However, online courses provide flexible access to re-watch classes so
students can review as many times as needed.


What Others Are Saying About Learning ASL with Mr. Dally: “My daughter has taken two years of ASL with Mr. Dally during high school, she thoroughly enjoyed the classes! They weren’t easy, Mr. Dally really expects his students to work and study and practice, but it sure pays off in how quickly they learn! She has enjoyed his teaching style and he has always been helpful and quick with answering questions. We recommend Mr. Dally to ANYONE who has a desire to not just dabble in ASL but who really wants to know it well! Can’t say enough good about his classes!” – Misti K, mom

American Sign Language Online Class

Online classes are designed for:

  • Home-based instruction

  • Home-bound learners

  • Missionary and overseas students

  • Private schools needing a foreign language course

  • Young performers and first-year college students who have varying schedules

  • Homeschool co-op

  • Small groups


  • College - ASL may fulfill foreign language graduation requirements (check with your institution). Taking our classes will also give you a solid foundation for the pursuit of additional ASL training.

  • Career - Knowing ASL gives you a competitive advantage in many fields and enhances your marketability. Careers in education, medicine, serving in administration, real estate, hospitality, first responders and law enforcement, multimedia, culinary arts, customer service, and Deaf ministry can all utilize sign language. Additionally, the current demand for American Sign Language Interpreters is high, making it a great career path for those who want to put their Sign Language skills to work every day.

  • CommunicationLastly, learning ASL creates opportunity for communication and developing relationships within the Deaf community. Over 20 million Americans are deaf or have hearing difficulties, yet few people in our communities know enough ASL to be able to communicate with them

Learn American Sign Language online

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