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These American Sign Language review games and activities work well for ASL I, II & III of sign language learners. Game directions are included.

Have you ever felt the need to liven up your ASL class? To add another element of fun to learning signs? This collection of review games and activities will not only last several levels of ASL learning but is what you need to reinforce your students’ target language. These review activities engage a “no voice” environment, increase sign language interaction, support ASL vocabulary review, or even to reward points. All the games have been tried in my classes and are a huge hit with my ASL students!

This DIGITAL DOWNLOAD 4-Pack includes the following ASL review exercises:

VANNA’S WHEEL OF FIRST LETTERS…. (86 slides) Students show a sign they know based on a letter or a letter’s handshape during each round (letters are pre-assigned). Six rounds, twelve slides each. Each sign can only be used once per round.

IDENTIFY THE SIGN…. (3 slides plus one for unlimited duplication and editable to include your own vocab words) Students respond if the review word is made with one hand or two, then they demonstrate the sign.

BREAKOUT TEAM GAME … (65 slides with lists of possible responses) In teams, student have four minutes to list all the signs they can think of that begin with an assigned letter or uses that letter’s handshape. This closed-book activity challenges memory output with speed. Someone on each team will need to record and report identified words.

ASL ANAGRAMS…. (11 slides plus one for unlimited duplication and editable to add your own words) An anagram is a new word formed by rearranging the letters of another. ASL anagrams reinforce the American Sign Language manual alphabet.

This is a great resource for your ASL classroom!

Download package includes:

  • ASL review games (mentioned above) in PDF PowerPoint format – for Students
  • Identify The Sign & ASL Anagram master .PPTX slides for duplication and editing – for Teachers
  • ASL Game directions
  • PDF PowerPoint – Teacher Notes & Breakout Team Game lists of possible responses
  • Credits & Terms of Usage
  • Looking Ahead


Thank you for your interest. ASL items Career & Technical Education (CTE) orientated.

ASL Review Games & Activities for American Sign Language students

  • You are responsible for having the proper software to open and use this resource (zip file), PDF for viewing, and pptx for editing. Due to the digital nature of this download and design work, there are no refunds on purchases this store.

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