Ralph enjoys serving as associate pastor at a local church where he oversees the young adult and connections ministries. He also has a heart for deaf missions and pastored a deaf church for fifteen+ years. Ralph was raised in a church with an active deaf community and, in hindsight, sees that’s where God planted a seed in his heart to work with the deaf someday. Ralph also has two deaf cousins. After graduating from high school in 1985, he took his first sign language class and was immediately hooked! Ralph went on to be trained as a professional Sign Language Interpreter and worked in the private and public sector operating his own interpreting business for over fifteen years interpreting in a variety of settings.  Also, during this time, Ralph taught community education and middle school ASL courses and deaf awareness workshops. In 2008, God called Ralph to go back to school and become a certified teacher of ASL. He now teaches at the high school level for student’s seeking foreign language credit; both in private and public schools, on campus and online. He thoroughly enjoys the roles of teacher and pastor!

Ralph Dally

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