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ASL Tutoring & JumpStart Sessions

Are you an ASL student just starting out, or struggling with certain ASL topics? Do you need someone to practice with? Are you looking for personalized and professional help while learning ASL? Then you’ve come to the right place! ASLYOUCANDO!© tutoring and JumpStart sessions will help you get over those difficult learning “bumps” with professional one-on-one ASL tutoring.
All tutoring sessions are 25-minutes ($20) or 50-minutes ($35) in length, they are completed using Zoom live-class platform and a webcam. Pay as you go!
Grade level: 8-12 & College age
learn American Sign Language online

To get started with tutoring sessions, you will need:

  • A fairly new, functioning microphone headset and a webcam. Webcam presence is required!

  • High speed internet access.

  • Zoom room access (weblink provided).

  • Study materials (this may be able to be provided by your tutor, please inquire ahead of time).

  • To know that session times are always in Eastern Standard Time, so be sure to plan accordingly!

  • Get instant feedback from an ASL professional

  • Improve your expressive and receptive skills

  • Better understand a particular topic or aspect of ASL

  • Practice your signing skills

  • Prepare for tests

  • Chat without voice

  • And more!

An ASL tutor can help you:

JumpStart your ASL 1, ASL 2, or ASL 3 experience with eight fifty-minute lessons for $220.

JumpStart lessons can help you:

  • Prepare for a new level of ASL with one-on-one attention

  • Maintain your signing skills during extended school breaks

  • Increase sign language vocabulary

  • Move faster or slow down learning: set lessons at your own pace

All tutoring and JumpStart sessions begin second week in May and conclude by end of July.


(allow four - six weeks minimum to complete a JumpStart)


Session cancellation: 24 hours notice required.

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