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Beginner's Sign Language

  • Weekly online live 50-minute classes: students can see and interact with the teacher and with other students
  • At-home convenience with live-class learning
  • Solid foundation of ASL learning and practice activities
  • Access to secure Zoom live-class platform
  • Homework load: minimal optional assignments utilized for memory-building exercises (no end-of-class grade provided).

This Course features

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Beginner's Sign Language

Fall 2022: 9/12/2022 - 12/12/2022
Mondays @ 9am EST ($276)
7/8 seats available
Introduces basic American Sign Language (ASL) skills, focusing on fingerspelling, basic vocabulary and grammatical structures, and the development of visual receptive and gestural expressive skills. Designed for students with little or no previous knowledge of ASL.
learn American Sign Language online

Instructor: Ralph Dally

Target Grades: 5, 6, 7 (ages 10-12)

Duration: 50 minutes weekly for twelve weeks
American Sign Language: The Easy Way (Barron’s, Second Edition) ISBN: 978-0764134289

Technical Requirement: Each student must have a fairly new, functioning microphone headset and a webcam.
Webcam participation is required!

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